Paintings from ComicRelief Exhibition

Elliott Earls, Diana Thorneycroft, Michael Scoggins

June 7 – August 8
Group Exhibition

As an independent artist and as an Artist-in-Residence at Cranbrook Academy of Art, Elliott Earls has worked hard to engage issues of power, desire and commerce. His work is focused on the relationships between power, technology and media. Beginning in 1995, Earls spent the better part of ten years experimenting with a fusion of computer programming, spoken word poetry, American roots music, electronics and graphics. His laboratory and natural environment were a collection of small black box theaters in NYC’s Soho. Earls has spent the majority of his career at the threshold between contemporary art, performance and design. Through a series of monthly performance pieces at HERE the Independent Art Center, to the Wooster Group and eventually the Exit Festival at Maison des arts de Créteil in France, he developed a body of work that reflects our rapidly changing social fabric.

The gallery below is documentation of paintings that were first exhibited at the WassermanProjects ComicRelief Exhibition.


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  • Milk by Elliott Earls

    “Milk” a Painting by Elliott Earls

    Feathered up, Milk fed strapping. We emerge iron rustless from sleep. “Milk” is a 4′ x 8′ oil painting by Elliott Earls.

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  • Fear of a Vengeful Gosh by Elliott Earls 18 x 24 x 2 in. Oil on linen over hardboard. 2014.
  • Cream. 18x24” Oil on Linen. By Elliott Earls

    Cream by Elliott Earls

    Cream is an 18 x 24 x 2″ oil painting on linen by Elliott Earls. My process often involves sketching on an iPad then producing actual paintings and prints from the iPad based sketches.

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  • Fides a Painting by Elliott Earls

    Fides a Painting by Elliott Earls

    “Fides” is a 48 X 96″ painting by Elliott Earls on black ground glass. This painting is based on an edition of porcelain figurines I made for my exhibition at the Wolfsonian Museum. The image below shows the original figures in situ.      

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  • Panorama of Elliott Earls studio prior to Hypertension Exhibit

    Panoramic View of Studio While Working Towards Exhibition

        Over the course of the past month, I’ve been working towards the opening of the Hypertension exhibition at Wayne State University. I was asked by co-curators Tom Pyrzewski and Beverly Fre$h to produce a new installation for the show. On or around March 28th of this year, I set this as my daily […]

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