“The Saranay Motel” (Excerpt)

The Saranay Motel Excerpt from Elliott Earls on Vimeo.

The Saranay Motel is a feature length film by Elliott Earls

Detroit, America’s greatest crumbling city has always given us muscle and music. It’s a hardscrabble town fueled by big dreams and big money. On these streets and in the shadow of the American dream we find two of Detroit’s least talented rappers, cousins Dougy and Big Buddy-Bud Prince, hustling towards their big break. After a series of sometimes violent, and ethically dubious, missteps the two are left destitute and homeless. Besieged by rivals on all sides, Dougy is eventually forced to leave his cousin and go it alone. While living in an abandoned alley and struggling to stay one step ahead of a blood thirsty fundamentalist-skinhead-speed-metal band, Dougy is moved to set out on a journey of self discovery by his reading of “The Autobiography of Malcolm X.” On this journey he’s given sanctuary by a blind Amish (un)holy man and his brother, who allow him to see the moral bankruptcy of his life, and reignite his childhood passion for hillbilly music. Under the tutelage of the (un)holy Seer, Dougy is born anew and is once again forced to strike out on his own. With this heightened sense of self and a new lease on life, Dougy returns to the streets and struggles to make music of authenticity and power. Dougy’s hybrid form of hip-hop and hillbilly music becomes a hit forcing him to confront a new and more insidious set of challenges, the perils of success.


The Saranay Motel (Excerpt 2) from Elliott Earls on Vimeo.

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